Portland Marriage and Couples Counseling
 Bernard McDowell, LCSW
Psychotherapist & Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  811 NW 20th Avenue, Suite 104, Portland, Oregon 97202


Directions to Office

General:  Located at the corner of NW 20th and Johnson in the Alphabet district of Northwest Portland,  one street east of NW 21st and NW 23rd shopping district approximately 1/2 mile from Burnside to the South and 1/2 mile from Thurman to the North and several blocks from the Everett St. Exit off 405. Once at the building, walk in the front door into a vestibule which usually has a large round table in the center.  Take a few steps and turn to the right where at the bottom of a staircase you'll find find several chairs and a small table serving as a waiting area.  There are a couple of other waiting areas which I'll show you on your first visit.  Please only come by appointment by an initial phone when I'll come out to greet yoiu at your appointment time.