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Bernard McDowell, LCSW
Psychotherapist & Licensed Clinical Social Worker
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Marriage Counseling General Orientation
Many couples report seeing their relationship issues described here.  A little on  what drives repetitive, painful patterns that defy the intelligence of high functioning adults who love each other.  Finally, what to expect in counseling.
        2.  How to Choose a Marriage Counselor 
This short article offers some research though, perhaps moreso, a little Cliff notes prompter for questions you may ask in an intial phone call.
        3.  When Communication Isn't Working
When you're aleady in learning  mode about communication and had some success, there will still be times when it doesn't work.  Assume it will happen.  What to do when you just can't get through?
        4.  Depression: Dynamics in Relationships
In this article, depression is described in it's psychological components entailing how we some times lose track of identifying and pursuing interests in our entanglements with others.  The following article on Anger is a companion piece outlining how anger attempts to keep boundaries in relationships, albeit in a way that usually alienates.  In fact, it's not unusual for people to  oscillate between anger and  depression.
        5.  Anger:  Dynamics in Relationships
        6.  Phases & Stages of Relationships
Here's a bare bones model of three “phases” of growth that relationships typically cycle through as they progress from one stage to the next; from “puppy love” eventually, perhaps, to great maturity and refined love.  Not so likely to help you navigate out of painful marital patterns but of interest to those deeply interested in the psychology of relationships.

        7.  Advanced Couples Counseling Concepts
Again, this article isn't likely to be immediately translated into practical relationship help. However, given the high level of general interest in the psychology of relationships, here's a more challenging essay on theoretical and practical approaches you may encounter in marriage counseling. So, hang on for a quick tour through one thin sliced but crucial aspect of human development. Close attention may reward you with insight into resolving the anger and alienation that frequently builds up even in our most highly valued relationships.

        8.  Recommended Reading:
Some annotated reviews of relevant books. I often recommend to take some time at a book store or library and look through books on relationships.  No doubt many won't click with you but there's a good chance you'll be able to glean an idea or two that will help at some critical moment.  At least a few of these books will be easy to obtain at a bookstore or library.